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Heather Haywood

Writing & Blogging   'Unfurled'


On my site you will find a variety - short stories, very short stories and tweet sized stories. I plan to update it from time to time and to blog under the title 'Under Wood'. This comes from a Gaelic expression and I will be developing the theme that things are seldom what they seem - sign up to join me in exploring what might lie behind some of our assumptions - Just like the title of my book for 10 - 12 year olds, 'The Jects' - who do you think they might be?

Introducing myself as a writer is daunting. Browsing author websites suggests that the pre-requisites are living in a world of books and always having dreamed of being a writer. An additional requirement appears to be a love of cats.


Yes, I have talked of writing a book for ages, but my first love was to study medicine - and I get to practice most days. Much of my bookshelf relates to that part of my life - including one of Alexander McCall Smith's early works, 'Law and Medical Ethics'. In a recent writers' podcast Marion Roach Smith commented that if she were to require the intervention of a surgeon she would have some interest in his or her surgical experience but would also ask what books they had read. She thought she would be more interested in their understanding of humanity than their cutting skills. That made me smile - the balance of science and art.

My dad was a librarian and occasionally I was allowed to spend an evening as librarian’s assistant. This involved standing on a chair at the ‘Out’ counter carefully removing the little ticket from each book, tucking it into the member’s library card and neatly stamping the date for return. After learning the alphabet I was promoted to the ‘Returns’ counter. In quiet spells I browsed the bookshelves and sat at my counter reading.


I live with my Kiwi husband & teenage sons and am adept at creating curries and matching odd socks. I love being outdoors, but when the weather keeps me inside I can get tied up in extreme knitting projects - which is one of the reasons I am a writer without a cat. I have recently taken up a martial art and distinguish myself as being the oldest in the class. I had no intention of bringing martial arts into my writing, but it kicked and punched its way into The Jects.

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