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How many shoes?

Set a timer for 3 minutes and see how many different types of shoes you can name - Try racing against a friend


How many shoes?

Have a guess at how many shoes you own and then go and count them - Who owns the biggest number in your home?

Write a message in your footprints in the sand or snow or mud. In bare feet or shoes- it's up to you 

How many shoes?

Can you name a kind of footwear for every letter of the alphabet? You could play this one in the car with everyone taking one letter in turn and thinking of a type of shoe.

Design a shoe

Try a Wordsearch

Try spirograph

Is there a box of spirograph cogs lying in the cupboard somewhere? Dig them out and make a design. 

You can buy kits to do outdoor enormous spirographs with chalk on the pavement or there is a youtube guide to making your own cogs but that might require a whole summer holiday and a very enthusiastic DIY assistant. And remember 'Don't Injure Yourself'

Find a charity that gives shoes to those who have none - for example find out what you can about :

Soles for Souls or The Leprosy Mission

Think up a way you can raise money for a charity that helps people to have a pair of shoes or collect pairs for a charity shop or...


Create your own crazy golf course

How inventive can you be? Make sure you don't break anything and it's probably not a good idea to do it on top of the table!

How many languages can you count up to ten in? You just never know when they might come in useful

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