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Feather Stories

In the distant past I used to send postcards. Perhaps I have miserly traits, but I would squeeze more words onto a card than they were designed for. Perhaps no recipient ever read one - certainly not an inquisitive (or bored) Postie. Recently I was given one of my cards back and I balked at the word count! Old postcards fascinate. I could wander round a market browsing boxes of cards, creating stories from the briefest of communications! 

Apparently the first text messages were set at 160 characters as this was an average number in random sentences such as found on the back of a postcards. And a tweet is shorter as 20 are used for the address.

Can I write a story in 160 digits? Can it possibly have a beginning, a middle and an end, with enough layers to leave the reader drawing their own conclusion? Or is it only a sound bite, a punch line? 

I have titled them feather stories as they are possibly the maximum length I would consider writing if I used a quill!

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