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The Jects

 This is my first  published book  and although written for 10 - 12 year olds it is the grown ups who keep breaking the rules  - maybe older readers will enjoy it themselves , or to read with a younger generation. The Jects follows 13 year old Zander Allen who lives with his mum who has mental health problems. When she is admitted to hospital he remains home alone and struggles to find money to repay an unfortunate debt.  He has inadvertently damaged a car and must repay costs or be reported to the authorities. A small gang of friends involve him in their drama project to enter a competition they are confident of winning - but they haven’t read the small print...

Click here to find a page of ideas and activities relating to the book and some recipes that Tegwen might be making as Zander comes home from school

Tegwen makes Bark
Tegwen Directs Traffic
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